We should all prepare now for the inevitability of death. I started putting together this resource because my husband has no idea what accounts we have, what bills need to be paid, or where to find important documents.  I have watched spouses, mothers, and other loved ones of 
the deceased, struggle to pull together all the needed items during their time of grief.  


We can help make our departure easier for those we leave behind by listing our assets, sharing our funeral wishes, and documenting important information - all accessible in one place.  

This electronic guide is meant as a checklist or record to be filled out now, so that in case of death, your representative or loved ones will have this information readily available. Not all sections will apply to every situation.  Fill out those that do and disregard the rest.


We recommend you fill it out and then print it since many spouses or loved ones may not have access to your computer.   Or you could password protect the electronic file, then keep an envelope titled "In Case of Death" with instructions where to find the file on your computer along with the password.  
An alternative would be to download the file, once completed, to a flash drive - letting one or two close loved ones know where to retrieve the flash drive upon your death.  

In Case of Death E-Guide

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  • This is a sample copy.   The complete E-Guide will be available by June 1, 2021.

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